“Regina’s strategic advice, feedback and creative input on thought-leader content and mobile frameworks was instrumental to turning Mobile Growth Stack into a leading publication for mobile experts.”
“Thanks to Regina, I was able to effectively increase the impact of my concepts and ideas.”

–Andy Carvell, Partner at Phiture

“Regina guided us through the process of creating a Marketing roadmap and provided us with actionable ideas, concepts, and tools to execute it. Under her lead, we evaluated all of our marketing channels and initiatives and made informed decisions on what to focus on.”

–Lea Böhm, CEO AllesRoger


“Regina has a great understanding of the market and really grasped our needs, and what differentiates us. Working with Regina resulted in the definition of a strong narrative and a core messaging that Miri Growth uses when communicating with their clients.”

–Adam Turowski, co-founder Miri Growth

“Regina’s work on our messaging provided ROCKIT with the ‘magic touch’ to raise awareness and create excitement about our SaaS product. Her strategic editorial plan became a key element in our marketing roadmap. I highly recommend working with her.”

–Frank Schwarz, CEO ROCKIT


“As an editor, Regina shaped the content structure and format of the ASO book. Her valuable input and expertise helped to make the book into the leading resource for the ASO industry.”

–Moritz Daan, Partner at Phiture, author of the Advanced ASO book

“Regina has a deep understanding of the mobile app marketing ecosystem. Her experience and strategic strength enable her to ask the right questions, come up with smart solutions and, most importantly, deliver great results.”

–Sebastian Knopp, Growth and Product Consultant at Crucial Path